CoverSM1.29.05    The Rainman Suite

The Suite’s back at Kiss or Kill, you scoundrels! Feb. 8 @The Echo w/The Dollyrots, Silver Needle, The Mormons, and The Sharp Ease!

The video for “59 Days” is also nearing completion. Thanks to Dan The Man Gilmore for his help, and for being a true Casanova and Renegade!

1.16.05    The Rainman Suite

If you’ve forgotten that The Suite has shows tomorrow and this coming Friday, then shame on you. But here’s your reminder.

1.12.05    The Rainman Suite

And the winner of the “tell the Suite what song you want them to cover” contest is…Boomer Ralston from Las Vegas, Nevada with The Ramones classic “Bonzo Goes to Bitburg”! Congratulations, Boomer! You know, some people never win anything their entire lives, but you will never be one of those people! So, you know, you’re welcome. Here’s a list of some of the more interesting songs we had to choose from:

Hey Jealousy–Gin Blossoms
Dead Souls–Joy Division
Folsom Prison Blues–Johnny Cash
You Might Think–The Cars
Hotel California–The Eagles
Smoke on the Water–Deep Purple
Anarchy in the U.K.–Sex Pistols
Rodeo Song/Bull Ridin’Medley–The Suite and Mr. G
Norman–Sue Thompson
Sweetness–Jimmy Eat World
Susudio–Phil Collins
Killing the Right–The Living End
Blackbirds vs. Crows–Common Rider
I Kill Spies–Agent Orange
Fortunate Son–CCR
I Don’t Want to Live on the Moon–Kermit the Frog
“you know you make me want to shout!”
Safety Dance–Men Without Hats
I Can’t Fight this Feeling–Reo Speedwagon
Boys of Summer–Don Henley

Our fans are the best! I have no idea where you guys come up with some of this stuff, but it’s great. Thanks to everyone that participated! We’ve got shows coming up on the 17th in Glendale and the 21st in Pasadena. Get details here.

rocknrolljapan1.5.05    The Rainman Suite

The Suite will be starting the New Year in a radical new direction, so brace yourselves: We will NOT be playing our next show at Mr. T’s Bowl! It’s crazy, I know, but things change. But don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll be back at Mr. T’s soon. Until then, The Scene in Glendale will have to do. Jan. 17th with Ohio’s best, Front Row for the Meltdown. Details here.

We’ll be announcing the winners of our “tell The Suite what song you want them to cover” contest shortly. It won’t be an easy job, especially since our fans tend to recommend songs that either require an orchestra to be played properly or are from bands we’ve never heard of. There was really no middle ground. However, we are certain that we won’t be playing “Eat Shit and Die” by the You Sucks, as one big fan suggested.

12.29.04    The Rainman Suite

ALERT! The Rainman Suite is to make a surprise appearance at Mr. T’s Bowl tonight! And as I was fired from my job today I will be staying up all night and buying alcohol for anyone who is hardcore enough to read this message and make it to Highland Park by 9:30! All you have to do is whisper the codewords, “hey, baby” gently in my ear while stroking my hair and you get free drinks all night! What could be easier? Details here.

Do you know who WON’T be getting up early tomorrow? Jeff D. Ripper.

12.7.04   The Rainman Suite

In strict accordance with our current trend of playing at Mr. T’s Bowl a lot, we will be playing at Mr. T’s Bowl on Friday, Dec. 17th with The Underwater City People! Details here.

A NOTE TO FANS: We will no longer be summoning demons or other hell-beasts during our set. We don’t want to be known as a gimmick band. From here on out we’ll just paint our faces and refuse to perform facing the audience.

ANOTHER NOTE TO FANS: I’m changing web hosting companies, so there might be some irregularities with the site. It might disappear for a few days. Don’t panic! All is well, The Ripper is on it. Keep in touch at Myspace.com or Purevolume.com.

11.30.04   The Rainman Suite

The Suite is back at Mr. T’s Bowl Thursday, Dec. 2nd at 9pm!

I don’t purposefully post shows with such short notice that nobody knows about them, it’s just that we’ll fill in for anybody. But on the upside, we very well might summon The Succubus of Valdera again during the drum breakdown in Beckinsale. I don’t know, only time will tell.

11.26.04   The Rainman Suite

Thanks to Chromosome Tea, The O.A.O.T.’s, The Dollyrots, and Silver Needle for rocking with us and to all the fans that came out and made the Troubadour show a success. For those of you that weren’t there, you missed The Suite’s one and only foray into stage pyrotechnics and go-go dancers. We also conjured a demon and ceremonially decapitated a white dove, then brought it back to life with The Power of our Rocking.

11.23.04   The Rainman Suite

All your wildest dreams will come true if you watch The Rainman Suite perform tomorrow at The Troubadour with Silver Needle, The O.A.O.T.’s, The Dollyrots, and Chromosome Tea! 9081 Santa Monica Blvd. 7:00 doors.

11.17.04   The Rainman Suite

The Suite is back at Mr. T’s Bowl tomorrow at 9pm! If we play here a fourth time in a row I’m gonna stop putting exclamation points after our showtimes so you better show up while it’s still exciting!